Welcome to ENGR 210 ( CSCI B441 )

Spring 2022

This course provides a strong foundation for modern digital system design using hardware description languages. We start with basics of digital electronics and learn how digital gates are used to build large digital systems. We will practice modern digital system design by using state of the art software tools and implementation of the digital systems on a programmable hardware platform. At the end of the course, students will be familiar with modern approach for designing digital systems, using hardware description languages along with an appropriate methodology.



Autograder (registered students only)

Canvas (registered students only)


Remote Setup

Vivado Tutorial

Course Schedule

Weekly Focus Monday Wed Lab
CPS Intro/UART 1/10: CPS Introduction 1/12: Pi Intro/UART Bus Project 0 Raspberry PI Setup
I2C Bus 1/17: MLK Day 1/19: I2C Bus Overview Project 1 I2C Pressure/Temperature Sensor
I2C and SPI Bus 1/24: Pressure Sensor 1/26: SPI Bus Overview Project 2 SPI Accelerometer
SPI/Networking 1/31: Accelerometer 2/2: MQTT Project 3 MQTT Sensor Data Server
Networking 2/7: GPIO/LED 2/9: Flask Project 4 Sensor LED Output
Web Server 2/14: No Class 2/16: CPS Wrapup, Exam Review None
Evaluation 2/21: Exam 1 2/23: CE Intro/ Logic P5 Demultiplexer
CPE Intro/Logic 2/28: Truth Tables 3/2: Verilog Basics P6 ALU
Combinational Logic 3/7: Testbenches 3/9: Math P7 Saturating Counter
  3/14: Spring Break 3/16: Spring Break  
Sequential Logic 3/21: Latches 3/23: Exam Review P7 Saturating Counter
FSMs 3/28: Flops 3/31: Sequential Logic P8 Elevator Controller
FSMs 4/4: FSMs I 4/6: FSMs II P8 Elevator Controller
FSM/Timing 4/11: Timing / SPI 4/13: SPI _II P9 SPI Interface
SPI Implementation 4/18: SPI III 4/20: Memory P9 SPI Interface
Review 4/25: None 4/27: Review  
  5/06: (Friday) Final Exam @ 12.40-2:40pm    

Old Projects